Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why are you eating that?

When was the last time you took a look at the ingredients in your foods?

As a rule I tend to look at the ingredients in 99% of everything I consume. There is something very gratifying about knowing what I am eating and where it has come from. Disclaimer: you do not have to enjoy your food choices as much as I do...

Its funny to think that about 100 years ago the supermarket or 'grocery' was not stocked with the myriad of food choices available to USA consumers today. Many foods now available are a series of gimmicks with different combinations of a variety of stabilizers, gums, corn products, soy products, emulsifiers, artificial colors and flavors amongst other awkward named food items.

So now I have two questions for you:

Do you really want to eat that?


Why are you still eating that?

Dont get me wrong! I am not some food judge waiting in the shadows to snatch your eating choices from you. HA Its up to you. I do recommend that we all understand that the food that is available overall is not necessarily healthy but fulfilling.

Do you want fill a gap?


Would you like to nourish your body with essential nutrients and feel better than ever before?

Learning about what you are consuming is essential to your health. So please; when you are at the supermarket or any other food establishment: ask questions and read labels. Its your health. Most companies that sell food are not interested in nourishment or health. They are interested in selling you, the consumer, a product that makes them money. Make sure you begin to understand how our food system works. Shop as much as you can with local grocers and farms. Grow your own food.

There is nothing wrong with questioning the hands that are feeding us. Unfortunately for most of us the prospect of growing our own food seems like a distant dream or to some a horrible dirty nightmare: MUCH easier to let hundreds of thousands of other people be responsible for your nutrition while you just pay a monetary value suitable to you.

Think about how satisfying it would be to serve yourself food from a garden that you tend that you know where the food comes from and what is put on it and who handles it. It much healthier than buying something that has been touched by who knows who and has been goodness knows where. So think about it.

Why are you eating that?

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