Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Growing

Wow! It's been such a LONG time! I really have been busy with some writing work, my daughter and yoga. Of course, as everyone who has a garden in Central Florida knows, the summer has been very intense with all the rain. Since we have not been able to mulch all the areas we would like to mulch I feel like a slave to the weedeater and the mower.

Fall is quickly approaching and we have already been planting the seeds of our future here at Sanagaia. Our catalog will expand VERY soon and include many more seeds and some dried herbs which are hand picked, dried and packaged with all our love. We use natural growing practices and have respect for the variety of insects and animals that visit our garden.

Our sign is going up today! We will be here to receive visitors all week long unless otherwise posted. I will be releasing lists of what we have on our Facebook page and on the news page of this site.

I hope that you will stay tuned and see how we grow in the Fall of 2014.

Thank You