July 15 - Sometimes life takes hold and you just have to run with it! I have been SUPER busy with many things unrelated to the garden and the blog... That is all about to change drastically. I am already planting some of our fall crops for our home garden this year and will be gradually adding posts about different plants we enjoy growing here in Central Florida. I apologize for my absence! Oh we will be expanding our product catalog for the fall including some dried herbs and of course more of the seeds we harvest by hand. So please stay tuned.

May 13 - I have added a donate button to our site. We are hoping to raise about $500 USD to plan and install our greenhouse! Please help us achieve this goal. Without the greenhouse our productivity will be very limited. Than You!

May 7 - Hello! Summertime is coming along and so is our garden. We have been mulching up a storm over here working on the landscaping design Andrea and Bob made in the front of the property. Kelly (me) has been hard at work cataloging our seeds. I cant believe it takes so long to do everything what with writing and a child running around! Soon come! We will be fully up and running before the end of the summer with our catalog. There are some neat guest posts coming soon for several websites. Links will be included later. :) Thanks for checking out our journey!

April 19 - Happy Easter! I will be at the Empower School's Organic Buying Club Easter festivities where we will all learn about many different topics in the farming and gardening realm. I will be doing a hands on workshop on vermiculture and perhaps getting people enthused with the many benefits to keeping some worms! I am very excited to share with others what I have learned and what I love about worms! I even wrote a post about it! Red wiggler Eisenia fetida

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