Friday, June 21, 2013

Grow your own!

Power is a common subject in our modern culture.

Isn't it strange that the power to feed ourselves is no longer considered a priority.

In fact.

We happily allow others to control our relationship with the earth.

As we are living notions have become norm. The idea that food needs to be paid for is not my idea nor yours.

Concepts, ideas, notions, etc... These dominate our landscape.

The trees should be dominating the landscape. Instead we crave more, want more, consume more, buy that then throw it out and get another.

This, my friend, is a dessert of understanding and compassion.

We have forgotten our duty to our fellow man and instead have placed prices on all that is dear.

Imposing thought patterns into the young most people continue the cycle of misunderstanding.

The only way forward is to grow.

This is why I have created this space and this is where I will share my journey towards sustainabiliy and low impact living in tune with my mama Earth.

Sana is to heal and gaia is our planet.. Everything I work for is to improve this place for me, my family and for you too.

I hope you enjoy! :)