Sanagaia is a small family run business. We sell seeds, plants, starts, and vegetables/fruits. Our mission is to provide local fresh food and plants at competitive prices. We also aim to create educational opportunities where we are able by teaching classes and workshops in relationship to sustainable agriculture and small homesteading. We also do consultations

Our team:

Andrea Reagan

Andrea has a lifetime of experience growing food. She has grown in many different climates and situations. Over time she has studied an incredible amount of botany and has studied many plants in depth. She has been an active Master Gardener volunteering her time to the public for over five years and has taken part in the yearly conference Plant ID competition. Several years in a row their team has come in second with a margin of two to eight points from the winning team.  She has also worked in the propagation of plants in the green house at the Discovery Gardens, Tavares, FL.

Robert Reagan

Robert grew up growing food with his family in the deep south; in those times and that location often families that did not grow their own food would be extremely limited in food choices. His nickname is Grumpy and he is going on 73 so you know how that goes. He enjoys building all sorts of things, bossing us around, explaining logistics, and generally tying all the loose ends. Dont talk to him about growing vegetables as he got enough of that in Louisiana. He does great making beds for us and various structure!

Kelly Ann Reagan

I have many varied interests including but never limited to yoga, gardening, singing, writing and my favorite mothering my daughter! I have been watching my grandmother and mother grow plants since I was a child and have fond memories of playing in the dirt and helping mom in our yard. After realizing how unstable our food system is I decided to dedicate a large portion of my time to learning about growing food and this passion has turned into a full time job. I write our blog, take care of the site, collect seeds, watch plants grow and do whatever I need to do to make the place run. I look forward to sharing and learning forevermore! In September I will be going for my first 100 hours of Ashtanga Yoga teacher training! Yoga and gardening! Life is truly a beautiful experience!

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