Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Genuinely Simple Comfrey Products!

Update 8/8/2014: You can now check out Genuinely Simple's site!

I always like to use different handmade products. Here is my review of Genuinely Simple's Comfrey Salve and Lotion bars.

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Genuinely Simple Product Review.

Genuinely Simple has created a line of Comfrey salves (unscented, lavender and peppermint) and healing lotion bars. I have been given the unique opportunity to use and review these products.

The salves are very similar to other products I have tried. The consistency is more like a cream which, I feel, makes them more versatile. I am always concerned when I apply salve that it will stain any fabric that the area comes into contact with or will leave residue if the area rubs against something after application. I found that is not how it works with these products. The creams are lighter than other salves and are absorbed readily leaving my skin feeling soft. I have used them as a facial moisturizer with success and as an aftershave lotion. I have never found this to work with other salves I have tried because of the residues they leave behind. My legs feel silky smooth and there are no signs of irritation; I usually get after shaving. The most interesting use I have found for the salves (cream) is as a massage lotion. It makes an excellent massage cream keeping the skin moisturized for a long period of time even after the massage is over. You only need a small amount of the cream to cover a large area. It has a discreet scent that is pleasant. My 19 month old daughter had an unfortunate encounter with some mosquitoes on her knee and on her calf. I applied the unscented cream twice to the area, the following day the swelling was gone and the redness from the irritation was not noticeable. Now a day later the bite marks are nearly gone as she has stopped scratching the area.

The Genuinely Simple lotion bars are not what I expected. I have used lotion bars that were made from a cocoa butter base those melted very rapidly and left a large amount of residue. When I tried these lotion bars I was hoping they would be different and they are. Although the lotion bars are probably mostly for hard dry skin I decided to use them as massage bars to test them out. I noticed that they melt or really slowly dissolve against the skin. They leave a long lasting softness probably due to the wax they contain which will slowly condition the skin. There is no residue that will rub off into clothing or fabric after application; just this long lasting softness. There is a scent to the bar that is earthy and creamy; after application there is no noticeable scent on the skin. I will likely always have one of these bars around especially for my feet. As a gardener I get really dry hands and feet from the sun and all the other elements my hands and feet come into contact with. I consider these bars to be a lifesaver now. They don't melt at room temperature and are easy to carry around. I am very happy with the quality of this product!

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